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We are the Federation of Gay Games, a new hub where all the players who want to experience an interactive gay porn orgasm can play free sex games which are coming from all categories of porn. We have a massive selection of free sex games, all of which were built in HTML5, meaning that you get excellent graphics and also a more complex gameplay experience. But what’s more important about these new games is the fact that you can play them on any device you might use, directly in your browser with no download.

Even the site itself on which we bring all these games is the thing you need for a perfect adult experience. We created an interface that’s easy to use and gives you all the tools you need for efficient browsing, but also for interacting with other players. The safety of our platform is on point, since we provide encrypted servers and we never ask for any personal data from our members. Not only that the games on our site are free, but we also offer them with no strings attached. You won’t be needed to join our site and there won’t be any requests for donations. Not even the ads won’t make you pay with your time by abusively making you watch unskippable videos or hitting you with pop-ups every time you click or tap on something. You’ll surely love your time on our site, and in the following paragraphs we’re going to tell you why.

Fantasies That Can Be Fulfilled On The Federation Of Gay Games

This library was created to include games for any kind of player, no matter his needs and kinks. We have games from different genres, with various gameplay experiences, each right for a certain fantasy. If your kinks are all about carnal pleasure, then you should check out the sex simulators of our site. In these games you can feel like you’re the one who is fucking hot characters through the POV gameplay that will let you immerse yourself in our virtual universe. Some sex simulators will even let you customize the characters that you’ll be fucking. Others will give you ready made skins based on celebrities and characters from cartoons, anime, superhero movies or mainstream video games. We even have BDSM action in some of these simulators, letting you enjoy the sex from both the position of a dominator and that of a sex slave.

If you want to experience more than just the physical action of a fantasy, then you need to check out our RPG games. In these games you will get more than just sex. The interaction you have with the various characters of the games is including lots of dialogue and decision making that’s influencing how the story unfolds and even if a character will let you fuck them.

But we also have games that are fun to play and will help you kill some time. You can find them in the casino and puzzle games of our site, where we offer everything from gay strip poker and slots to mind challenging games which are bringing you erotic rewards for your progress. This is just scratching the surface of what’s waiting for you in our collection. You’ll understand the diversity of our library once you start browsing it. Do it now!

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Nothing is simpler than playing games on our site. We offer the same straight forward experience as any free sex tube out there, but instead of streaming videos, you will get to enjoy the porn more interactively. Even the gameplay page is similar to the streaming page on a free sex tube, coming with rating options and even with comment sections where you can share your thoughts on each game or on the kinks that are portrayed in it. Finding the right game for the kink you want to fulfill is made easy because we took the time to properly tag all the content of the site. All in all, we’re the site that can be your replacement for free sex tubes, with a massive collection of sex games that keeps getting new content every month.

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